Oracle Integration Cloud If Statement


Oracle Integration Cloud If Statement

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) provides a rich platform for integrating services, applications, and technologies. When designing an integration flow in OIC, you often need to introduce conditional logic, such as an if statement, to direct the flow based on certain conditions.

Here’s a general outline on how to use conditional logic, such as an if statement, in Oracle Integration Cloud:

  1. Design the Integration:

    • From your OIC instance, go to the Integrations section and click on “Create”.
    • Choose the appropriate integration style (like “App Driven Orchestration”).
  2. Define Your Trigger and Invokes:

    • First, define the starting point of your integration (e.g., a REST trigger).
    • Add any subsequent invokes or calls to other services as needed.
  3. Insert a Switch:

    • In the visual flow editor, you should see options like ‘For Each’, ‘Switch’, etc. on the right-hand side.
    • Drag and drop the “Switch” action into your flow where you want to introduce the conditional logic.
  4. Define Conditions:

    • Once the switch action is in place, you can define the conditions for your branches. It’s similar to the “if-else” logic in programming.
    • Click on the “Switch” action in your flow. On the right-hand side, you’ll be able to define the conditions that determine which branch will be taken. You can set multiple conditions based on the data in your flow.
    • You can use XPath expressions to evaluate conditions on message payloads or variables. For example, if you want to check if a certain element in your payload is “true”, you might use an XPath expression like $inputVariable.payload.elementName = 'true'.
  5. Define Actions for Each Branch:

    • For each condition, you’ll define what actions to take if that condition evaluates as true.
    • Drag and drop actions into each branch as needed, such as invoking another service, setting a variable, etc.
  6. Finish and Activate:

    • Once you’ve defined your conditions and the actions for each branch, finish the rest of your flow.
    • Save, and then activate your integration.

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