Oracle Fusion HCM Tables

Oracle Fusion HCM Tables

Oracle Fusion HCM Tables

Access to these tables is typically restricted, and users interact with the system through the Fusion HCM application or APIs. However, it can be useful to understand the underlying database tables when working with Oracle Fusion HCM data integrations or custom reports. Here are some key tables and their purposes within Oracle Fusion HCM:

  1. PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F: This table stores core employee information, such as names, contact details, and employment status. It’s a foundational table for HCM data.

  2. PER_JOBS: Contains information about job assignments, including job titles, departments, and locations.

  3. PER_POSITIONS: Stores details about positions within the organization, including position hierarchies and relationships.

  4. PER_ASSIGNMENTS: Holds information about employee assignments, such as assignment dates, job roles, and legal employers.

  5. PER_PERSON_NAMES_F: Contains name-related information for employees, including preferred names and name change history.

  6. PAY_PAYROLL_ACTIONS: Stores information related to payroll actions, including payroll runs, deductions, and earnings.

  7. PAY_ELEMENT_ENTRY_VALUES_F: Contains payroll-related data, such as elements, rates, and values for earnings, deductions, and benefits.

  8. HR_ALL_ORGANIZATION_UNITS: Stores information about organizational units, including departments, divisions, and business units.

  9. HR_ALL_LOCATIONS: Contains data related to physical locations, such as office addresses.

  10. HR_LOCATIONS_ALL: Provides additional location-related details, including geocodes and location hierarchies.

  11. HR_ALL_POSITION_DEFINITIONS: Stores position definitions and attributes.

  12. PER_PERIODS_OF_SERVICE: Contains information about an employee’s service periods, including hire and termination dates.

  13. PER_ALL_ASSIGNMENTS_MFV: This is a master view table that combines various assignment-related data into a single view, making it useful for reporting and analytics.

  14. PER_PAY_PROPOSALS: Stores payroll proposals and other related data.

  15. PER_PERSON_TYPES: Contains information about different types of persons, such as employees, contingent workers, and contractors.

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