Oracle Fusion HCM Technical Interview Questions


Oracle Fusion HCM Technical Interview Questions

Here are some technical interview questions that are commonly asked for Oracle Fusion HCM technical roles. These questions cover various aspects of Oracle Fusion HCM technical implementation and customization:

  1. Explain the Architecture of Oracle Fusion HCM.
  2. What is Sandbox in Oracle Fusion HCM, and how is it used?
  3. Describe the Role of Roles and Security in Oracle Fusion HCM.
  4. How do you perform Data Integrations in Oracle Fusion HCM?
  5. Explain the Process of Extending Oracle Fusion HCM using Application Composer.
  6. What are Oracle Fusion HCM Fast Formulas, and how are they used?
  7. How can you customize Oracle Fusion HCM Pages using Page Composer?
  8. Discuss the Steps Involved in Setting Up Approval Workflows in Oracle Fusion HCM.
  9. Explain the Importance of BI Reports and Analytics in Oracle Fusion HCM.
  10. How can you Extend Oracle Fusion HCM with Custom Web Services?
  11. Describe the Steps for Customizing Notifications in Oracle Fusion HCM.
  12. Explain the Role of Person Security in Oracle Fusion HCM.
  13. What is the Purpose of HCM Extracts, and how can they be created and scheduled?
  14. Discuss the Usage of Dynamic Role Templates in Oracle Fusion HCM.
  15. Explain the Process of Creating and Managing Data Roles in Oracle Fusion HCM.

These questions cover a range of technical aspects related to Oracle Fusion HCM, including architecture, customization, security, integration, and reporting. Make sure to review the relevant Oracle Fusion HCM documentation, practice hands-on exercises, and explore real-world scenarios to prepare for these types of technical interview questions effectively.

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