Oracle Integration Cloud Exam


Oracle Integration Cloud Exam


  1. What is Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), and what are its key components?
    1. This question assesses your basic understanding of OIC and its main components.
  2. Explain the difference between Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) and Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC).
    1. ICS was the predecessor to OIC, so understanding the evolution and differences between the two is important.
  3. What are adapters in OIC, and how do they facilitate integrations?
    1. Adapters are essential for connecting to various systems and services. Explain their role and types.
  4. How do you design and create an integration in Oracle Integration Cloud?
    1. Walk through the high-level steps involved in designing and creating integrations using OIC.
  5. What is the Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) migration path for existing customers?
    1. Oracle has provided migration paths for existing ICS customers to transition to OIC. Explain the options available.
  6. What are connection agents in OIC, and when would you use them?
    1. Connection agents enable on-premises connectivity. Explain their purpose and use cases.
  7. How does Oracle Integration Cloud handle error handling and monitoring of integrations?
    1. Describe the error handling capabilities and monitoring features in OIC.
  8. What is a REST adapter, and how does it differ from a SOAP adapter in OIC?
    1. Understand the differences between REST and SOAP adapters and when to use each.
  9. What is Oracle Visual Builder in the context of Oracle Integration Cloud, and how does it enhance integration development?
    1. Visual Builder is often used in conjunction with OIC for building user interfaces. Explain its role in integration development.
  10. Can you describe Oracle Integration Cloud’s security features and how it ensures data protection in integrations?
    1. Discuss security mechanisms and best practices for securing data and integrations in OIC.
  11. How does OIC support hybrid cloud integrations between on-premises and cloud applications?
    1. Explain the strategies and tools available for implementing hybrid cloud integrations.
  12. What are some best practices for optimizing and performance-tuning integrations in Oracle Integration Cloud?
    1. Share your knowledge of performance optimization techniques in OIC.

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