Oracle Integration Cloud Tutorial


Oracle Integration Cloud Tutorial

  1. Introduction to Oracle Integration Cloud: Begin by understanding what Oracle Integration Cloud is and its key features. It is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that enables you to integrate applications, automate processes, and create APIs.

  2. Getting Started: Sign up for an Oracle Cloud account if you don’t have one. Once you have access to the Oracle Cloud Console, you can access Oracle Integration Cloud.

  3. Creating Connections: In OIC, you need to set up connections to various applications you want to integrate. These could be cloud applications like Oracle ERP Cloud, Salesforce, etc., or on-premises applications.

  4. Creating Integrations: After setting up connections, you can create integrations using the pre-built integration patterns and mapping data between applications. Oracle Integration Cloud provides a visual designer for building integrations.

  5. Creating APIs: You can also use Oracle Integration Cloud to create REST and SOAP APIs that expose your integrations and allow other applications to interact with them.

  6. Process Automation: Oracle Integration Cloud also allows you to create process automation workflows, enabling you to automate business processes across different applications.

  7. Monitoring and Management: Learn how to monitor the health and performance of your integrations and manage error handling and retries.

  8. Security and Governance: Understand the security features in Oracle Integration Cloud and how to govern access and usage.

  9. Testing and Deployment: Test your integrations thoroughly before deploying them to production environments.

  10. Documentation and Community: Refer to Oracle’s official documentation and community forums for tutorials, best practices, and support.

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Training Demo Day 1

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