Oracle Integration Cloud Xpath


Oracle Integration Cloud XPath

  1. XPath (XML Path Language) is a powerful query language used in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) and many other XML-related technologies to navigate and select elements and attributes within XML documents. In Oracle Integration Cloud, you can use XPath expressions to work with XML data, such as extracting specific values or conditions for routing data in integrations. Here’s an overview of how XPath is used in OIC:
  2. XPath in Mapper Activities:
    1. XPath expressions are commonly used in Mapper activities within Oracle Integration Cloud to extract data from XML documents and map it to other structures (e.g., JSON, other XML).
  3. XPath Functions:
    1. OIC supports various XPath functions that you can use to manipulate and transform data. These functions can be employed in Mapper activities to perform operations on XML elements and attributes. Common XPath functions include concat(), substring(), string-length(), and more.
  4. XPath Conditions:
    1. In conditional routing and filtering, you can use XPath expressions to evaluate XML content and decide how to route or process data based on specific conditions.
  5. XPath Variables:
    1. XPath variables allow you to store and reuse values or expressions within your XPath queries. This can help simplify complex XPath expressions and improve code readability.
  6. Default Namespace Handling:
    1. When working with XML namespaces, OIC provides features for handling default namespaces and specifying namespace prefixes in XPath expressions.
  7. Repeating Elements:
    1. XPath can be used to navigate through repeating or multiple occurrences of elements and select specific instances or values.

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