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          Power Query Databricks

Now integrated into Power BI, Power Query offers a seamless way to connect to your Databricks data. Here’s how you can do it:

Methods to connect Power BI to Databricks:

  1. Databricks Connector (Recommended):
    • This is the official and native way to connect. It offers both Import and DirectQuery modes.
    • Import Mode: Loads data into Power BI for faster analysis but may not reflect real-time changes in Databricks.
    • DirectQuery Mode: Queries data directly from Databricks, ensuring up-to-date results, but can be slower for large datasets.
  2. Azure Databricks Connector:
    • If your Databricks instance is on Azure, use this connector. It functions similarly to the standard Databricks connector.

Steps to Connect using the Databricks Connector:

  1. Get Data: In Power BI Desktop, click “Get Data” and search for “Databricks.”
  2. Databricks or Azure Databricks: Choose the appropriate connector based on your Databricks instance location.
  3. Server Details: Enter the Server Hostname and HTTP Path from your Databricks SQL Warehouse.
  4. Authentication: Choose your preferred authentication method (username/password, personal access token, or OAuth).
  5. Navigator: Once connected, the Navigator will display the available data sources in your Databricks warehouse. Select the tables or views you want to import.
  6. Transform (Optional): Use the Power Query Editor to clean, transform, and shape your data before loading it into Power BI.
  7. Close & Apply: Load the transformed data into Power BI.

Key Resources:

Additional Tips:

  • Native Query Support: The Databricks connector supports native SQL queries, giving you more flexibility in retrieving data.
  • Custom SQL Queries: Use the “Databricks. Query” function to create custom queries directly within Power Query.
  • Performance Optimization: Consider using DirectQuery mode or optimizing your queries to improve performance for large datasets.

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