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Microsoft Purview can be integrated with Azure Databricks to provide unified data governance for your data lakehouse. This integration allows you to:

  • Discover and Catalog Assets: Automatically scan and catalog data assets, including notebooks, tables, and files, within your Azure Databricks workspace.
  • Track Lineage: Visualize the end-to-end data lineage as it flows through Azure Databricks pipelines and transformations.
  • Enforce Data Governance: Apply data governance policies and controls to data assets in Azure Databricks to ensure compliance and data quality.

There are two main ways to connect Purview with Databricks:

  1. Register and Scan:
    • Register your Azure Databricks workspace in the Purview governance portal.
    • Configure scans to discover and catalog data assets within your workspace automatically.
    • This approach is suitable for the basic discovery and cataloging of assets.
  2. OpenLineage Connector:
    • Use the OpenLineage connector to capture detailed lineage information from Spark operations in Azure Databricks.
    • This connector sends lineage metadata to Purview, allowing you to visualize table-level lineage graphs.
    • This approach is recommended for comprehensive lineage tracking and deeper insights into data flows.

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