Rest API Oracle Fusion Financials


Rest API Oracle Fusion Financials

Oracle Fusion Financials provides a set of REST APIs (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interfaces) that allow developers to integrate and interact with various financial functionalities and data within the application. These REST APIs enable external systems or custom applications to communicate with Oracle Fusion Financials programmatically. Here are some key aspects of REST APIs in Oracle Fusion Financials:

1. Authentication:

  • REST APIs in Oracle Fusion Financials use OAuth 2.0 authentication for secure access. Users or applications need to obtain access tokens to authenticate their requests.

2. Endpoint URLs:

  • Each REST API endpoint has a specific URL that corresponds to a particular resource or functionality within Oracle Fusion Financials. Endpoint URLs are used to make API requests.

3. Resource Types:

  • REST APIs in Oracle Fusion Financials provide access to various resource types, including financial data entities, transactions, and configurations.

4. CRUD Operations:

  • Developers can perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on financial data using REST APIs. This includes creating records, retrieving data, updating existing records, and deleting records where applicable.

5. Querying Data:

  • REST APIs support querying data using parameters and filters to retrieve specific subsets of financial information.

6. Error Handling:

  • APIs provide error handling mechanisms to handle exceptions and errors gracefully, including providing error codes and error messages.

7. Batch Processing:

  • Some APIs support batch processing, allowing developers to submit multiple requests in a single batch for improved efficiency.

8. Integration Scenarios:

  • REST APIs in Oracle Fusion Financials are used for a wide range of integration scenarios, including:
    • Integrating with external systems, such as CRM or HR systems.
    • Automating data imports and exports.
    • Building custom applications that interact with financial data.
    • Implementing business process automation.

9. API Documentation:

  • Oracle provides comprehensive API documentation, including endpoint details, request and response examples, and authentication instructions, to help developers use the APIs effectively.

10. Security:


  • Security measures are in place to protect data accessed through REST APIs, including access controls, token-based authentication, and encryption.

11. Versioning:


  • Oracle Fusion Financials may have multiple API versions, allowing organizations to choose the appropriate version for their integration needs.

12. Rate Limits:


  • Some APIs may have rate limits to prevent excessive usage. Developers should be aware of any rate limits and plan accordingly.



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