Roles In Oracle Fusion Financials


Roles In Oracle Fusion Financials

Oracle Fusion Financials provides a role-based security model, allowing organizations to assign specific roles to users based on their responsibilities and job functions. Each role in Oracle Fusion Financials grants users access to certain functionalities and data within the application. Here are some of the common roles in Oracle Fusion Financials:

  1. Financial Analyst:
    1. Financial analysts are responsible for financial reporting, analysis, and budgeting. They have access to financial reports, dashboards, and analytical tools within Oracle Fusion Financials.
  2. Accounts Payable Specialist:
    1. Accounts payable specialists focus on managing vendor invoices, payments, and supplier relationships. They have access to accounts payable modules for invoice processing and payment approval.
  3. Accounts Receivable Specialist:
    1. Accounts receivable specialists handle customer invoices, collections, and revenue recognition. They have access to accounts receivable modules for managing customer accounts.
  4. General Ledger Accountant:
    1. General ledger accountants manage journal entries, reconciliation, and the overall financial ledger. They have access to general ledger modules for financial accounting.
  5. Cash Manager:
    1. Cash managers are responsible for cash flow management, bank reconciliations, and treasury operations. They have access to cash management modules for bank transactions and reconciliation.
  6. Financial Controller:
    1. Financial controllers oversee the financial accounting and reporting processes. They have access to a wide range of financial modules and reporting tools for financial control and compliance.
  7. Budget Manager:
    1. Budget managers are responsible for budget planning and management. They have access to budgeting and forecasting modules within Oracle Fusion Financials.
  8. Auditor:
    1. Auditors perform internal or external audits of financial transactions and records. They have access to audit trails, transaction histories, and compliance reports.
  9. Procurement Manager:
    1. Procurement managers handle procurement processes, including purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and supplier management. They have access to procurement modules.
  10. Tax Analyst:
    1. Tax analysts manage tax compliance, reporting, and calculations. They have access to tax modules for configuring tax rules and calculations.
  11. Financial Reporting Specialist:
    1. Financial reporting specialists focus on creating and customizing financial reports using reporting tools within Oracle Fusion Financials.
  12. Expense Approver:
    1. Expense approvers review and approve employee expense reports and reimbursements. They have access to expense management modules.
  13. Treasury Analyst:
    1. Treasury analysts manage cash and liquidity, investments, and risk management. They have access to treasury modules for financial analysis and decision-making.
  14. Payroll Administrator:
    1. Payroll administrators handle payroll processing, including employee compensation, deductions, and tax compliance. They have access to payroll modules.
  15. Compliance Officer:
    1. Compliance officers ensure that financial transactions and processes adhere to regulatory requirements. They have access to compliance and audit-related tools.



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