SAP GRC 12 Post Installation Steps


SAP GRC 12 Post Installation Steps

SAP GRC 12: Navigating Crucial Post-Installation Tasks

SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) 12 is a powerful suite of solutions designed to help organizations streamline risk management, ensure regulatory compliance, and optimize internal controls. After successfully installing SAP GRC 12, a few key steps are necessary to unlock its full potential and ensure proper integration into your business processes. This blog serves as a guide to those essential post-installation steps.

1. System Configuration

  • Connector Setup: Establish connectors between SAP GRC 12 and your underlying SAP systems (e.g., SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA). These connectors are crucial for extracting relevant data and carrying out risk analysis.
  • Workflow Configuration: Customize workflows within SAP GRC 12 to align with your organization’s specific needs, such as access requests, risk analysis, and remediation activities.
  • Reports and Dashboard Setup: Configure standard reports and dashboards with SAP GRC 12 and create custom reports if needed. These dashboards provide real-time visibility into your organization’s risk posture.

2. Role and Authorization Management

  • Develop Role Concept: Clearly define the roles and responsibilities within your GRC framework. Determine access levels and which GRC functions should be available to different user groups.
  • Implement Roles in GRC: Create roles in SAP GRC 12 based on your defined role concept. Assign the appropriate authorizations to enable users to carry out their tasks.
  • Business Role Management (BRM): Set up BRM functionality if you plan to use it. BRM facilitates streamlined access provisioning based on business roles rather than individual system-level authorizations.

3. Master Data Setup

  • Rulesets: Create or update your risk analysis rulesets within SAP GRC Access Control. These rulesets form the backbone of detecting Segregation of Duties (SoD) conflicts and potential risks.
  • Mitigation Controls: If utilizing SAP GRC Process Control, define your library of mitigation controls associated with risks as part of remediation efforts.

4. Integration

  • Identity Management: For seamless user provisioning, integrate SAP GRC 12 with your chosen Identity Management solution (e.g., SAP IDM, Active Directory, etc.)
  • Ticketing Systems: If desired, integrate SAP GRC 12 with your incident or ticketing system. This streamlines the process of tracking and resolving compliance or risk-related issues.

5. User Training and Adoption

  • End-User Training: Conduct comprehensive training sessions for those working with SAP GRC 12 solutions, ensuring everyone understands their roles and how to navigate the system.
  • Change Management: Effective change management practices are essential for promoting successful user adoption of SAP GRC 12. Communicate the benefits and clearly explain process changes.

6. Testing and Go-Live

  • Thorough Testing: Rigorously test all the configurations, workflows, reports, and integrations you have set up. This quality assurance step is paramount in avoiding errors and disruptions post-go-live.
  • Go-Live Strategy: Develop a clear go-live plan that includes communication strategies, cutover plans, and support mechanisms for your users.

Important Considerations

  • Leverage SAP Best Practices: Familiarize yourself with SAP’s best practices and recommendations for SAP GRC implementation and configurations. This valuable resource will save you time and effort.
  • Stay Updated: SAP GRC evolves with regular updates and new features. Keep track of the latest releases and incorporate any necessary changes into your environment.


By following these post-installation steps carefully, you’ll set up SAP GRC 12 for success within your organization. This powerful solution will enhance your risk management, compliance, and internal control processes, ensuring smoother business operations and an improved overall security posture.

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