SAP GRC Emergency Access Management Code


SAP GRC Emergency Access Management Code

  • SAP GRC Emergency Access Management: Critical Safeguards for Your Systems

    In the complex enterprise systems world, unexpected situations that require immediate, privileged access to resolve critical issues can arise. SAP GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) Emergency Access Management (EAM), also known as “Firefighting,” provides a controlled framework to handle such situations while maintaining audibility and security.

    What is Emergency Access Management?

    EAM offers a mechanism for designated users (‘Firefighters’) to temporarily gain elevated permissions when a standard access path is inadequate for troubleshooting or resolving an emergency. It achieves this with the following:

    • Firefighter IDs: Dedicated user accounts possessing broader authorizations.
    • Firefighter Roles: Roles containing critical access permissions, assignable to a regular user account during an emergency.
    • Controlled Logging: Comprehensive audit trails of all actions performed via Firefighter access.

    Why is EAM Important?

    1. Rapid Emergency Response: EAM cuts through standard authorization bureaucracy, enabling swift action to minimize the impact of critical system events.
    2. Security and Auditability: EAM rigorously logs Firefighter activities while facilitating emergency access. This ensures accountability and traceability for compliance audits.
    3. Separation of Duties (SoD) Protection: EAM helps maintain SoD principles by providing temporary elevated access when needed rather than permanently assigning excessive permissions to regular user accounts.

    Critical Elements of SAP GRC EAM

    • Firefighter ID/Role Creation: Define the specific Firefighter IDs or roles and associated permissions based on potential emergency scenarios in your organization.
    • Owner and Controller Setup: An ‘owner’ manages Firefighter IDs/roles, while a ‘controller’ approves and reviews Firefighter requests and logs.
    • Reason Codes: Predetermined reason codes ensure justifications are always provided for EAM activation.
    • Workflows: Establish transparent approval workflows for Firefighter access requests for prompt authorization.
    • Monitoring and Reporting: Implement robust log monitoring and reporting to enable regular audits of Firefighter access.

    Configuring and Using SAP GRC EAM

    1. Customization: Configure EAM settings in the SAP GRC system (via transaction SPRO) to align with your organization’s policies and requirements.
    2. Process Setup: Define the EAM access request and approval workflow.
    3. User Training: Educate Firefighters, owners, and controllers on the proper use of EAM.

    Best Practices for SAP GRC EAM

    • Restrict Firefighter Access: Limit the number of Firefighter IDs/roles based on a rigorous assessment of needs.
    • Regular Review: Regularly review and update Firefighter access assignments, ensuring their necessity.
    • Time-based Limits: Place time limits on Firefighter sessions to prevent extended periods of unauthorized, elevated access.
    • Dual Control: Require at least two individuals (controller and Firefighter) for EAM activities.
    • Thorough Audit Trails: Maintain detailed logs and ensure regular audit reviews.


    SAP GRC Emergency Access Management offers a vital tool to address unexpected system events while adhering to security and compliance standards. By rigorously defining EAM processes, thoroughly logging activities, and regularly reviewing Firefighter access, you safeguard your SAP systems and assure your auditors of the responsible use of emergency privileged access.

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