SAP HR Info Type 0316


SAP HR Info Type 0316

Understanding SAP HR Infotype 0316: Controlling Data Entry Authorizations

In the SAP Human Resources (HR) world, info types are essential building blocks that store different types of employee data. While many info types hold tangible information like personal details or bank accounts, others manage behind-the-scenes settings – Infotype 0316 is one example.

Purpose of Infotype 0316

Infotype 0316 is a virtual infotype within the SAP HR system. It doesn’t directly store employee data but controls a crucial aspect of the CATS (Cross-Application Time Sheet) module – data entry authorizations. Here’s how it works:

  • Data Entry Profiles: In CATS, data entry profiles are created to streamline how employees enter their timesheet information. A profile might pre-fill specific fields, limit options, or provide various defaults.
  • Linking Profiles to Authorizations: Infotype 0316 allows you to assign authorization groups to these data entry profiles.
  • User Restrictions: When you tailor authorization groups within user roles (using transaction PFCG), you effectively link those roles to specific data entry profiles. This lets you precisely control which users can utilize which profiles for timesheet entry.

Why Use Infotype 0316?

Here are common scenarios where Infotype 0316 helps maintain control and accuracy:

  • Multiple Work Scenarios: Separate data entry profiles can be defined for employees working on different projects, departments, or cost centers, ensuring they only see the options relevant to their work.
  • Preventing Errors: Restricting input options using profiles and Infotype 0316 reduces the chance of employees accidentally entering incorrect work hours or data against the wrong projects.
  • Managerial Oversight: You can configure scenarios where managers have wider authorization to approve time entries using a range of data entry profiles while limiting what their subordinates can enter.

Important Notes

  • Indirect Maintenance: Infotype 0316 cannot be maintained directly. The authorizations assigned here are configured elsewhere (typically using transaction code S_ALR_87001230).
  • No Such Infotype: Some users might mistakenly refer to “Infotype 0316” when, in fact, they mean Infotype 0315 (which stores time sheet defaults).


Imagine an organization with regular employees and external contractors entering time. You could use Infotype 0316 to:

  1. Create a “Regular Employee” and a “Contractor” data entry profiles.
  2. Assign different authorization groups to each profile.
  3. Ensure employee roles can only access their designated profile through Infotype 0316 settings.

In Conclusion

Infotype 0316 might not seem glamorous, but it’s a powerful tool for SAP HR administrators who need fine-grained control over timesheet data entry. By strategically linking authorizations to data entry profiles, you can enhance your time management processes’ accuracy, efficiency, and security within SAP.

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