SAP HR Info Type 0416


SAP HR Info Type 0416

Understanding SAP HR Infotype 0416: Time Quota Compensation

In the SAP Human Resources (HR) world, info types are essential building blocks for storing and managing employee data. One crucial info type is 0416, known as the Time Quota Compensation info type. This info type is crucial in streamlining how organizations handle financial compensation for unused time off entitlements.

What is Infotype 0416?

The Time Quota Compensation infotype (0416) in SAP HR allows you to remunerate employees for absence entitlements like vacation time or time off in lieu of unused overtime hours. Essentially, it lets you convert unused time off into financial compensation.

How does Infotype 0416 work?

  1. Recording and Monitoring Quotas: SAP HR tracks various time-off quotas, such as vacation days, sick leave, or time off in lieu (TOIL). These are stored in other info types, like Absence Quotas (2006).
  2. Compensation Initiation: When an employee chooses to receive financial compensation for unused time off, the HR team creates a record in info type 0416.
  3. Quota Reduction: The system automatically reduces the relevant time-off quota by the amount being compensated.
  4. Payroll Integration: Data from info type 0416 feeds into the payroll process to ensure the calculated compensation is included in the employee’s pay.

Why use Infotype 0416?

  • Flexibility for Employees: Employees can choose between taking time off and receiving financial compensation for accrued leave.
  • Reduced Liability: Organizations can reduce liabilities associated with large amounts of unused leave on the books.
  • Compliance: Helps ensure compliance with company policies or labor regulations regarding time-off compensation.

Key Considerations

  • Company Policies: Infotype 0416 should be used in accordance with your organization’s specific rules governing time off and compensation.
  • Eligibility: Clearly define which types of leave or quotas are eligible for compensation under info type 0416.
  • Configuration: It’s essential to consult your SAP HR functional specialist to configure info type 0416 to suit your company’s needs appropriately.


An employee has ten unused vacation days at the end of the year. The company allows compensation for a portion of unused vacation time. The HR team records this compensation using Infotype 0416. Employees receive compensation for those days, and their remaining vacation balance is reduced accordingly.

In Conclusion

SAP HR Infotype 0416 provides a valuable tool for managing the financial compensation of unused time-off entitlements. By understanding its purpose and how it works, organizations can offer greater flexibility to employees and maintain accurate records within their SAP HR system.

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