SAP HR Renewal 2.0 Installation Guide


SAP HR Renewal 2.0 Installation Guide

SAP HR Renewal 2.0: A Streamlined Installation Guide

SAP HR Renewal 2.0 revamps the user experience (UX) within SAP’s Human Resource (HR) modules. It offers a contemporary, Fiori-inspired design with intuitive tiles and simplified processes, making it more user-friendly for HR personnel. This upgrade boosts efficiency and user satisfaction with streamlined navigation and enhanced features.


Before diving into the installation process, let’s cover the essential requirements:

  • SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 7 (EHP7) or later: This serves as the foundational system
  • SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SP07 or higher: Provides the technical backbone
    • SAP UI5 components:SAP_UI 740 SP12 or higher
    • SAP_GWFND 740 SP10 or higher
  • Enterprise Portal (Optional): If you plan to integrate the HR Renewal landing page with your SAP Enterprise Portal, ensure you have version 7.30 SP07 or higher.

Installation Steps

  1. Obtain Required Components: Download the necessary installation packages for HR Renewal 2.0. You can find these from the SAP Software Download Center or the SAP Marketplace. The key components include:
    • SAP_HR
    • EA-HR
  2. Installation and Upgrade: Employ a tool like the Software Update Manager (SUM) to install and upgrade these components within your SAP landscape. Carefully follow the instructions within the SAP installation notes.
  3. Business Functions (SFW5): Activate the following business functions within the ‘SFW5’ transaction:
    • HCM_PAO_CI_1
  4. SAP NetWeaver Gateway Services (SICF):
    • Use the ‘SICF’ transaction to activate crucial OData services required by HR Renewal 2.0.
    • You can find a comprehensive list of the services to activate in the installation guide.
  5. System Aliases:
    • Navigate to SPRO (SAP Reference IMG) and go to SAP NetWeaver > Gateway > OData Channel > Configuration > Connection Settings > SAP Gateway System Aliases.
    • Define your system alias by providing details for your SAP backend.

Configuring the HR Renewal Landing Page (Optional)

Should you desire to set up the convenient HR Renewal landing page, proceed with these steps:

  1. Landing Page Role: Create a custom PFCG role based on the template role SAP_PAO_PROFESSIONAL.
  2. Assign the Role: Assign the newly-created custom role to your end-users.

Post-Installation Verification

  • Component Check: Access your system information and ensure that the SAP_HR and EA-HR components are installed at the correct levels.
  • Landing Page Test (Optional): If you’ve configured the landing page, try accessing it. Successful access verifies proper installation.

Important Notes

  • Installation Notes: Meticulously review the SAP installation notes about HR Renewal 2.0, as they contain crucial details and specific instructions.
  • Release Information Notes (RIN): Examine the Release Information Notes as they outline dependencies, known issues, and other vital information.

Additional Considerations

  • Thorough Testing: Before rolling out HR Renewal 2.0 to your users, invest time in meticulous testing of all relevant HR processes and functionalities.
  • User Training: Provide your HR team with training sessions and resources to familiarize them with the new interface and features.

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