SAP PP Routing Tables


SAP PP Routing Tables

Demystifying SAP PP Routing Tables: The Backbone of Production Planning

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, efficiency is paramount. SAP Production Planning (PP) plays a vital role in streamlining this process, and routing tables are the unsung heroes within this system. But what exactly are these tables, and how do they contribute to production success?

What are SAP PP Routing Tables?

Routing tables, represented primarily by the tables PLKO and PLKZ in SAP PP, define the step-by-step instructions for manufacturing a product. These tables act like a recipe, outlining the sequence of operations, work centers required, and standard times allocated for each step. They provide a clear roadmap for production personnel, ensuring consistent and efficient product creation.

Critical Elements of Routing Tables:

  • Operations: These represent the individual tasks involved in manufacturing, such as welding, painting, or assembly.
  • Work Centers define the physical locations or departments responsible for completing each operation. Think of them as the workstations on the factory floor.
  • Control Key: This code specifies how the system manages production confirmation for each operation.
  • Standard-Times: These pre-determined times reflect the average time needed to complete each operation efficiently.

Benefits of Using Routing Tables:

  • Enhanced Production Planning: Routing tables provide a structured approach to planning production, enabling better resource allocation and capacity planning.
  • Improved Efficiency: Routing tables promote consistent production processes and reduce bottlenecks by defining clear steps and standard times.
  • Accurate Costing: Standard times from routing tables contribute to calculating precise production costs.
  • Standardized Quality: Following a defined sequence of operations helps ensure consistent product quality.


SAP PP Routing tables are fundamental building blocks for efficient production planning. They offer a structured approach to manufacturing, leading to improved efficiency, accurate costing, and consistent product quality. Understanding these tables empowers production personnel and provides valuable insights for optimizing manufacturing processes within SAP PP.

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