Workday HCM Testing Interview Questions


Workday HCM Testing Interview Questions

General Workday HCM Knowledge

  1. What is Workday HCM? Can you describe its primary functions?                              Answer: Workday HCM (Human Capital Management) is a cloud-based software suite for managing the entire employee lifecycle. Its core functions include:
    1. Human resources management (HR, benefits, onboarding)
    2. Talent management (recruitment, performance, development)
    3. Compensation
    4. Time tracking
    5. Payroll (in some countries)
    6. Workforce analytics
  2. What are Workday Business Objects, and how are they used?                              Answer: Workday Business Objects are the fundamental building blocks of Workday. They represent data entities like workers, positions, organizations, benefits, etc. Each Business Object has fields (attributes) and related actions. Understanding Business Objects is essential for configuring, reporting, and integrating within Workday.
  3. Can you explain Workday’s security model?                                                            Answer: Workday utilizes domain-based security, where access is granted based on:
    1. Domains: Areas of data or functionality (like benefits, compensation).
    2. Security Groups: Collections of users who require similar access.
    3. Roles: Control the tasks a user or security group can perform within a domain.
    4. Business Process Security Policies: Enforce rules at a transactional level within processes.

Configuration and Implementation Testing

  1. Describe a complex Workday configuration you’ve tested. What challenges did you face? Answer: (Tailor this to your experience, but here’s an example) “I tested a custom compensation plan involving multiple eligibility rules, grade-based calculations, and proration factors. Challenges included ensuring calculations were accurate across various scenarios and that changes to input data (like salary changes) triggered the plan correctly.”
  2. How do you test Workday integrations? What are some common integration points? Answer: Integration testing involves:
      1. Understanding the interface (file-based, web services, Workday Studio, etc.).
      2. Mapping verification: Data fields map correctly between systems.
      3. Transformation rules: Any data manipulation is applied as intended.
      4. End-to-end scenarios: Testing the complete data flow and effects across systems.
      5. Error handling: Testing system responses to invalid data or failed transactions.
      6. Common Integration Points: Payroll systems, benefits providers, external talent systems.


  1. What are the different types of reports in Workday?                                                                Answer: Workday Delivered Reports: Pre-built reports covering various areas.
    1. Custom Reports: Created to address specific needs. Types include:
    2. Simple Calculated Field Reports: Involve basic calculations.
    3. Advanced Reports: Might use joins, complex logic, and XSLT.
    4. Matrix Reports: Show data in a grid format.
    5. Trending/Composite Reports: Analyze data over time or combine related data.
  2. How would you test a complex custom report in Workday?                                               Answer: Requirements Verification: Ensure it fully meets the need.
    1. Data Validation: Test output with diverse input sets to verify calculation accuracy
    2. Filter and Prompts: Test these works as expected to restrict data.
    3. Formatting: Check for correct layout, totals, etc.
    4. Performance: Assess execution speed, especially with large data sets.

Testing Methodologies and Tools

  1. What testing methodologies have you used in Workday projects (e.g., Agile, Waterfall)? Answer: (Explain your experience). Emphasize that you understand how testing fits into the chosen development methodology and can adapt your approach.
  2. What tools or platforms do you use for test management and defect tracking? Answer: Many exist (Jira, HP ALM, etc). Focus on the principles of test case organization, clear documentation, and tracking defects to resolution. 

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