SAP PP Tolerance Key


SAP PP Tolerance Key

Understanding SAP PP Tolerance Key for Effective Invoice Verification

Accurate invoice processing is crucial in the fast-paced world of procurement. SAP’s invoice verification process offers a helpful tool: tolerance keys. Today, we’ll delve into the specifics of the PP tolerance key, understanding its role and how it aids in streamlining your accounts payable (AP) workflow.

What is a PP Tolerance Key?

The PP tolerance key is a two-digit code within SAP that defines acceptable variances between purchase order (PO) and invoice values. It’s specifically designed for scenarios where the PO price is marked as an “estimate price.”

How Does the PP Tolerance Key Work?

During invoice verification (typically done using the MIRO transaction), SAP calculates the variance between the invoiced amount and the expected cost based on the PO quantity and planned price. This variance is then compared to the upper and lower tolerance limits defined for the PP key.

  • Tolerance Limits: These limits can be set as absolute values (e.g., +/—$10) or percentages (e.g., +/—5%).
    • Variance Assessment: If the variance falls within the tolerance limits, the invoice is processed without any warnings.
    • If the variance exceeds the upper tolerance limit, the system issues a warning message, and the invoice might be blocked for payment until further review and approval.

Benefits of Using PP Tolerance Key

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automates basic variance checks, allowing AP staff to focus on complex exceptions.
  • Improved Accuracy: Reduces the risk of errors by highlighting discrepancies that require attention.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Ensures timely invoice processing for compliant purchases.

Important Considerations

  • PP tolerance key only applies to invoices processed through MIRO. Invoices entered directly in FB60 bypass tolerance checks.
  • The effectiveness of the PP key hinges on setting appropriate tolerance limits. Too tight limits can lead to unnecessary payment delays, while overly loose limits might overlook potentially significant price deviations.


The PP tolerance key is a valuable tool in SAP’s invoice verification process. You can achieve a more efficient and accurate AP workflow by understanding its functionality and setting appropriate tolerance limits.

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