What is Standard Value Key in SAP PP


What is Standard Value Key in SAP PP

Demystifying the Standard Value Key in SAP PP

For those in the world of Production Planning (PP) with SAP, the standard value key can be a bit of a mystery. But fear not! This blog post will unveil its purpose and illuminate how it impacts production processes.

What is it?

The standard value critical acts as a translator in SAP PP. It defines the meaning of six standard values associated with an operation. These values are essentially parameters used by the system to calculate crucial aspects of production, including:

  • Operation Time: How long it typically takes to complete a production step.
  • Capacity Requirements: The resources needed (e.g., machines, labor) to handle production.
  • Costing: Determining the financial implications of production activities.

How Does it Work?

Imagine a work center in your production facility. You assign a standard value key to this work center. This key assigns a parameter ID to each of the six standard values. These parameter IDs link the standard values to formulas within SAP. The formulas then leverage these values to perform scheduling, capacity planning, and costing calculations.

Key Points to Remember:

  • A standard value key can hold a maximum of six parameters.
  • SAP provides pre-defined standard value keys (e.g., SAP1 for average production), including standard parameters like setup time and machine time.
  • You can also create custom standard value keys to meet specific needs. These custom keys allow you to define the most relevant parameters for your production processes.

Benefits of Using Standard Value Keys:

  • Improved Accuracy: By clearly defining standard values, you ensure consistent calculations for scheduling, capacity, and costing.
  • Enhanced Planning: Accurate calculations improve production planning, resource allocation, and cost control.
  • Flexibility: Creating custom keys allows you to tailor SAP PP to your specific production environment.


The standard value key might seem like a technical detail, but it plays a vital role in the smooth operation of your production processes in SAP PP. By understanding its purpose and functionality, you can leverage it to optimize your production planning, scheduling, and costing activities.

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